Santa's Letter Box Three - Normandy Farm

Santa's Letter Box Three - Normandy Farm

Oh, how excited we were to make these original artwork letters for the children!  But, hmmm, what should we put on them?  We asked Mrs. Rumplefuss, who runs Mistletoe Elementary, if she could ask the children to come up with some ideas for us.  We were very impressed with all the amazing drawings that we received!  So many different concepts.  In the end, the drawings of the woodland animals (that we see everyday up here at The North Pole!) really touched my heart.  I wanted the children to see what we get to see all the time.  So, here they are!


It was Mrs. Claus' idea to add the ornament.  We have the most wonderful Secret Snowflake Tradition up here at the North Pole. We wanted others to share in this fun and exciting pastime as well! And after she saw the picture I took of Comet it just made her smile. So, the picture went in too!


    The build-up to Christmas is such a fun time of year! Children can have so many ideas of what they would like to discover under the Christmas tree. This is what makes the personalization process so much fun! Mom, Dad, Grandma, or someone significant in a child's life will enjoy writing out the child's favorite activities and most wished-for toy or game. Let that Christmas spirit take you away!!


    You will receive:

    an original woodland scene letter from Santa ready for personalization, 

    Santa's photograph of Comet, 

    one North Pole wood snowflake ornament,

    Secret Snowflake Tradition card,

    postage box stamped from The North Pole,

    box-closure red twine,

    and Directions Card.


    Design style received might vary slightly from web photos.  But rest assured, the high quality and perfection sought by our Christmas Elves will be present in each and every product.


    Santa would like every child to have a unique letter from him.  So, if you have more than one child in your household and would like for each to have a different message with a different wood snowflake ornament please select a different letter number for each child.  There are up to three separate letter messages with different ornaments from which to choose.  Thank you!


    Santa will be sending his Letter Boxes out as soon as he receives the order.  It will take some time to travel from The North Pole (and we hear that unfortunately there might be delays) but the Postal Elves will at least get it in the mail lickety-split!


    Shipping time and price will vary by shipping location.  Standard shipping times are approximately 3-10 business days.  Current Postal Service delays could increase shipping up to 15 days or more.


    Please use the chat button if you should have any questions or issues with your product.  While we are unable to receive returns, we will be happy to rectify the situation to the very best of our ability.  Thank you!  

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