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Several months ago I was sitting in my favorite chair (I have had it for centuries and it is just the right amount of comfortable) reading some letters from children (yup, I get them in the summer too!).  They were making me so happy and I thought, I want to give some of that happiness back.  Aha!  The Elves and I started right away creating what we are now calling "Santa's Letter Boxes."  I like the ring to it, don't you?  We wanted it to be like receiving a warm hug from all of us up here at The North Pole.  And then I got to thinking, "Where are these kiddies going to save this fun stuff from us up here at The NP?  Aha, again!  Memory books!  And to make it even more exciting, why not make it a fun activity?  Hence and therefore, "Memory Book Kits!"  What sport!!


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Creative layout made of Christmas tree b
Note From Santa
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Our Customer Satisfaction Elves will be checking our mail from 9am - 2pm Monday through Friday and from 10am - 1pm on Saturdays.  Otherwise, we will be feeding and taking care of the reindeer and probably helping Santa while he tinkers in the barn.

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